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Sky Prime is a global leader

Sky Prime is a leading global online trading provider, offering trading with CFDs, indices, precious metals, energy and cryptocurrencies.

Our Company

Our company is comitted to provide financial services to clients around the world except for US citizens, thus complying with the legislation of each country it operates.

Our strong

Our strong dedication to state-of-the-art software and quality assurance means that our clients receive the best, most transparent trading experience.

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Today, the same technological revolution has been instrumental in delivering next generation investment opportunities; one that is accessible, functional and profitable for all. No doubt, as the world continues to evolve, technology has opened the gates to the world of financial markets to anyone, anywhere and anytime.

Why Trade CFD

You can build larger positions without having to provide the total amount of investment required.

Deposit & Withdrawal

There are several ways to deposit funds into your trading account. Some of these methods may incur additional charges

What is CFD

Unlike most financial markets, CFDs is different, within the CFDs market, there is no physically specific place to trade

What are CFDs

The difference between where a trade is entered and exited is the contract for difference (CFD)


Create Account

Opening an account has never been this easy. Trader fills a simple and short form with his data, sets his own password and he can enter the platform immediately without waiting for any confirmation or approval.

Make The Transaction

1. Trader chooses one of the listed symbols (‘all symbols’ or ‘favourites’).
2. Set prefered volume.
3. Confirms transaction to avoid any mistakes. It’s that simple

Install The App

Sky Prime application is downloaded straight from Broker’s website to maximize the traffic retention by eliminating outside app stores. Furthermore, you don’t need to undergo complicated Google Play or Apple store approval process.

Deposit Funds

Deposits ( as well as withdrawal requests) can be made straight from the platform in just 1 click. This speeds up the whole process and eliminates unnecessary steps which may discourage further trading. Sky Prime also allows crypto payments.



Founded in 2021, it is one of the world’s leading online cfd trading platforms. It has established a solid financial foundation and is committed to providing unparalleled financial investment services for large enterprises and institutional investors, including: CFD, heavy metals and futures .